Happy Birthday for Lovers

30 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to the love of my life,
the centre of my universe!

You are the greatest gift I have ever
received and I will continue to treasure
you with all my heart for all of the
years to come!
Happy birthday to the one who brings
pure joy and true happiness to my life!
I love you today, tomorrow, and every
day after that!

Sending big birthday wishes and lots
of sweet kisses to you on your special
day today, my sweetheart!
Happy birthday to the one I’m deeply,
madly, completely in love with!

Today’s your special day so expect
to be pampered all day long!
Happy birthday to my stunning partner
who still manages to take my breath away,
even after all this time.

You’re as gorgeous as the day we first met,
and I only seem to fall deeper and deeper
in love with you as time goes on!
To my eternal light, I wish you the happiest of birthdays today with all my love as you turn yet another year more beautiful!
Happy birthday, my beloved!

You are the love of my life, the one who has opened my eyes and my heart. I never truly knew what love was until I met you.

May you have the fabulous birthday that you deserve and a blissful year ahead!
Today, I am wishing a happy birthday
full of love to my significant other!

On this very special occasion, I want
to take the opportunity to say just
how grateful I am for having such an
incredible person like you in my life!

Thank you, from the bottom of my
heart, for making my life so much
sweeter and more meaningful!
Happy birthday to the one I love, the one who makes my life meaningful and sweet!

I hope your special day today surrounds you with love and happiness and warms your heart in the same way you warm mine each and every day!
Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart!

I am sending hugs, kisses, and all my love to you on your special day this year!
I couldn’t let your 
Birthday pass me by
For you are my world,
The apple of my eye!

I’m sending lots of 
Love your way today,
My darling!
Happy birthday to you today,
my one true love!

We have shared some
incredible moments together
and I’m so excited to see what
the future has in store for us.

I can’t wait to create more
memories with you!
Happy birthday to the one I fall in love with all over again, each and every day!

You are my everything and I’m so thankful that we found each other!
Happy birthday to you, my darling!

If I’m crazy in love, then that means I
must be mad for you!

You know that I’m a hopeless romantic,
so today of all days you can expect to
be romanced to the fullest extent!

We’re not simply boyfriend and girlfriend, we are lovers.

What we have is something truly special and I cherish it with my whole heart.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart!
Today, I am celebrating the birthday of the most loving, beautiful, and sweetest person in my life!

You may be my lover, but first and foremost you are my best friend and the person who brings so much happiness to my heart!

Happy birthday, my love!