Love Birthday Poems

40 happy birthday wishes found:

Our love story is cute 
And so very unique
It’s my absolute favorite 
One of all.
And as we continue 
On our journey
Know that I’m in it 
For the long haul!

I’m sending sweet 
Birthday wishes to you
Today with all my love, 
My sweetheart!
Happy birthday to my eternal love
I want to grow old with you, my love
With you, I couldn’t
Ever be apart
For you’re the one
Who stole my heart.

Night or day, you’re
Always on my mind
You’re the greatest
Gift I could ever find.

Happy birthday,
When the stars aligned
Our paths crossed
That was the day I met
The love of my life.

I’ll always be 
So very grateful
That the universe 
Brought us together.

Happy birthday to you,
My moon, my stars.
Every waking moment
Spent with you is bliss
There’s not a single moment
That I would want to miss.

I have a lot of love
For you and you alone
You’re more precious to me
Than the rarest gemstone.

Happy birthday to you, 
Love of my life!
My love for you is endless
It’s the most special kind
Some people wait forever 
For a love that’s hard to find.

You’re a true blessing to me
You’re my eternal light
I’ll love you every single day
Wholly, with all my might.

Happy birthday, my dear!
There isn’t anybody who 
Appreciates you more than I do
As to me, there is no gift greater
Than a sweet man like you.
I am so grateful for all of the
Wonderful things that you are
You are simply my most
Favorite human by far.

Happy birthday, my dear.
To my one true love
On your special day
I’m sending romantic
Wishes your way!

I’m taking the opportunity
To tell you officially
That you are my world, and
I love you unconditionally!

Lots of birthday kisses
Are reserved for you today!
To the one my love grows for
More with each passing day,
I’m sending the most
Heartfelt wishes your way!

Happy birthday to you, and
May you have the most 
Beautiful birthday that you are 
So deserving of, my love!
You’re the reason I laugh
The reason I smile
You make each day brighter
And much more worthwhile
It’s because of you
I’m constantly happy
You fill me with emotion
Making me overly sappy!

Happy birthday, my love!
Happy birthday
To my love,
An angel sent
From above.
I hope your special
Day this year
Brings you happiness
And joy, my dear!
My love for you is pure
You’re the one I so adore
You brighten up my days
In so many different ways!

I’m so thankful for you
And all the things you do
Forever my sweet pea
You mean the world to me!

Happy birthday to you today,
My sweetheart!
Like a beautiful flower
My love for you keeps
Growing and growing, 
Blossoming into something
Truly magnificent.

Our love is unconditional
It’s as pure as it comes
And I will love you always,
Until the very end of time.

Happy birthday to you,
My sweetheart.

Your birthday is 
A truly special day
As I get to show 
My love and
Appreciation for you.

I’m truly blessed 
For having someone
Like you in my life 
And I shall never ever 
Take it for granted.

Happy birthday, my dear!
To tell you exactly
What you mean to me
Is greater than words 
Alone can say.
My affection for you
Knows no bounds,
Continuously growing
Day after day.

Happy birthday, my love!
Happy birthday
To the one I adore
The person who
I love more and more.
I’m sending your way
A big birthday kiss
As you fill each day
With endless bliss!