Happy Birthday my Dear Friend

32 happy birthday wishes found:

Happy birthday to an extraordinary friend of mine! You’re a constant source of happiness in my life and I’m very grateful for you!
Many happy returns to you, my dear friend! I hope the candles on your cake brighten your day today as much as you brighten all of mine!
Certain things may have gone unsaid over the years but on your special day today, I just want you to know how very dear you are to me! Happy birthday!
For someone as dear to my heart as you are, I’m wishing a truly spectacular birthday today!

You’re the best friend a person could have and you are so very meaningful to my life.

I am extremely grateful for you, my dear! 
Friends as precious as you are
few and far between, my dear!

I’m wishing you an absolutely
wonderful birthday today as
you celebrate another glorious
year of your life!
Happy birthday to one of my very dearest!

You’ve always been a close friend of mine and I have no doubt that you’ll continue to be for all eternity. You mean a great deal to me and I hope you always remember that!
A friend as loyal, kind, and dear as you
are deserves a truly spectacular birthday
today! Many happy returns to you, pal!
You are a friend
As dear as can be
A truly special person
You are, to me!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to someone so sincerely dear to me!

I’ll forever remember the day that you came into my life as friends like you simply don’t come along every day!

Thank you for making each day that little bit brighter for me, my friend!
Today’s your special day
Dear friend of mine
I’m hoping your birthday
Is simply divine!

Big birthday wishes to you!
You are a friend so dear and someone of such great importance to me. You have touched my heart in more ways than one, and just having you around is one of the biggest blessings in my life.

I’m sending the best wishes possible and all my love to you today on your special day! Happy birthday to you, my friend!
I’ve had many friends in my life, past and present, but few have been as dear to me as you are! I’m wishing you a truly wonderful birthday today!
Cheers to our magnificent compadre!

We are all raising a glass in your honour
today, to celebrate another fantastic year
of your life! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you,
Dear friend of mine
Cheers to your special day
With a glass full of wine!

May we drink to good health,
Happiness and love,
And I hope you are blessed
With bliss from above!

Happy birthday to you!
Today we raise a glass to a dear friend of ours! Cheers to you!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday and may your year ahead be filled with wonder!

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