Happy Birthday my Dear Friend

Were found 31 happy birthday messages:

I may be early this year in wishing you a
happy birthday, but as I won’t be able to
wish you well on the day, I thought it was
better to be early rather than late!

I hope that you have a smashing day,
and enjoy celebrating with all of your
wonderful family and friends!

You deserve a wonderful day! Cheers and
happy birthday, my dear friend!
Today I am sending the very best birthday wishes to a dear friend of mine who will always be someone close to my heart!

May your special day be as wonderfully magical and incredible as your friendship is to me!
Happy birthday to you today, my dear friend! I’m wishing you a superb day full of delight and celebration!
Happy birthday to one of my nearest
and dearest! As a friend, you’re as
close to family as they come without
being blood-related.

You’re so important to me and my
only wish for you is that you find
happiness in everything that you do. 
Many happy returns to you, my friend!

Your birthday brings around an
opportunity to reminisce over all of the
great times that we’ve shared and the
amazing memories we’ve created!

I’ll treasure those moments until the
end of time.

I’m sending my very best wishes to
you today and I hope we have many
more years of sharing joyful moments
together ahead!
Friends as precious as you are
few and far between, my dear!

I’m wishing you an absolutely
wonderful birthday today as
you celebrate another glorious
year of your life!
Happy birthday to an extraordinary friend of mine! You’re a constant source of happiness in my life and I’m very grateful for you!
Certain things may have gone unsaid over the years but on your special day today, I just want you to know how very dear you are to me! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you today!

There are few people in the world as kind and caring as you, my dear, and I am very fortunate that I am able to call such a wonderful human being my friend.

I'm wishing you many more glorious years filled with happiness, my friend!
Happy birthday to one of my very dearest!

You’ve always been a close friend of mine and I have no doubt that you’ll continue to be for all eternity. You mean a great deal to me and I hope you always remember that!
A friend as dear as you are to me deserves
to be celebrated every day, but even more
so on your birthday!

Here’s to you, my dear!
Happy birthday to someone so sincerely dear to me!

I’ll forever remember the day that you came into my life as friends like you simply don’t come along every day!

Thank you for making each day that little bit brighter for me, my friend!
I couldn’t let the birthday of a dear friend like you go by unnoticed, so I’m sending many congratulations your way today and extending my very best wishes to you!

I hope your special day is a fantastic one, full of celebration and joy!
Happy birthday to someone so dear to me!

You’re an incredibly close friend of mine, and I am so glad that I have a wonderful person like you in my life!

I’m sending lots of love and my very best wishes your way today!
Dearest friend, today I am wishing you a day that surpasses that of all other days!

I hope your birthday celebrations leave you as content as you can be, with some lasting memories of your special occasion!

A very happy birthday to you!