Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl Far Away

Were found 41 happy birthday messages:

Happy birthday to my long-time, long-distance best friend! I’m sending all my best wishes your way today as you celebrate your very special day!
Enjoy your birthday over there, glam girl
A gal pal like you is never truly far away
I might not be able to celebrate with you the way I’d like to on your birthday this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about you!

I’m celebrating you in my thoughts and sending good vibes your way, girl!

Happy birthday!
No matter how far apart from each other we may find ourselves, know that I always carry you with me everywhere I go deep within my heart. You are my best friend and you will be forevermore.

I’m sending you lots of lovely birthday wishes on your special day today, my dear. Happy birthday.
You might be one more year older today,
but you certainly don’t look it!

You still look as young and gorgeous as
ever, my dear, and I don’t even need to
be with you in person to see that!

Happy birthday, my beautiful best friend!
I might be far away
From my best friend
On her special day
But I’m sending my
Very best wishes from
All the way over here!

Happy birthday!
My best friend might be far away, but
she’s never far from my heart.

Wherever in the world we might find
ourselves, however far from each other we
may be, I’m always here for you, my friend.

I’m sending my best wishes out into the
distance to you, bestie.
Happy birthday, girl!

Know how very close to my heart you are, even if you are celebrating far away today!
Happy birthday, bestie!

Distance only makes the heart grow fonder and I can say that’s definitely true for me and you, girl! Our friendship just grows with challenges like these!
Of course, I’m missing my bestie on her
special day but I’m sending the most
fabulous birthday wishes her way!

I hope your day of celebration is a
magnificent one and that you enjoy
it to the fullest! Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, bestie!

We might be a little socially distant this
year, but never before have you been so
close to my heart. Miss you loads, girl!
It seems that spending so many
years in each other’s pockets
didn’t prepare us well for
circumstances like this, girl!

I really wish I could be with you
in person today, but I hope your
special day is fab nevertheless!

Happy birthday, bestie!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday
and enjoy living it up in the beautiful
place you find yourself this year, bestie!

May the change of scenery and the
magnificent surroundings brighten your
day and provide everlasting memories
for you to cherish forever!

Gal pals have a connection unlike any other, so no matter how far apart from each other we are on your special day today or any other day, we will always be bound by the unique bond we share.

Happy birthday to you, girl!
Happy birthday to you over there, bestie!

Nothing can stand in the way of true
friendship and the bond that two gal pals
like us share!

What we have is truly special, a connection
that makes us more like sisters than
friends. I’m forever grateful for you, girl!
My dearest gal pal, there may be many miles that separate us physically, but you will always be right here with me in my heart.

Happy birthday to you today!