Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Far Away

Were found 61 happy birthday messages:

I might be far away
From my best friend
On her special day
But I’m sending my
Very best wishes from
All the way over here!

Happy birthday!
I’m sending the biggest hugs and kisses, and the best birthday wishes to you from far away today, best friend! I can’t wait to celebrate together when we’re reunited!
Your birthday wishes may be coming
from a distance this year, but that
doesn’t make them any less sincere!

Far away or as close as can be,
you’ll always be my best friend and
truly special to me!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
Being so far away from your best friend in the world on your special day can’t be easy, but hopefully a personal and heart touching message will help! Happy birthday!
Spending your birthday apart
When you’re so far away
Is so much more difficult
Than words alone can say.

I hope you enjoy your special
Day nonetheless, best friend!
Happy birthday, best friend!

I’m hoping that everything goes your way where you are on your special day today!

I wish I could be there with you to celebrate but instead, I’m sending you my best wishes and raising a glass to you from here!
Happy birthday to my best friend
and the most glamorous girl I know!

I hope you’re having a blast and
enjoying your birthday over there!
Gal pals have a connection unlike any other, so no matter how far apart from each other we are on your special day today or any other day, we will always be bound by the unique bond we share.

Happy birthday to you, girl!
Even though I can’t be with you
to make you feel like the birthday
queen that you are, I’ll do my
best to celebrate you from all
the way over here!

Happy birthday, my dear! I hope
your special day is fabulous, just
the way you deserve it to be!
It seems that spending so many
years in each other’s pockets
didn’t prepare us well for
circumstances like this, girl!

I really wish I could be with you
in person today, but I hope your
special day is fab nevertheless!

Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday to you over there, bestie! If you’re not within arms reach of me then you’re too far away, girl!

I would never choose to spend your birthday apart, but at least it gives us an excuse to celebrate when you’re back and something to look forward to!
Wishing a very happy birthday to you,
my absolute best friend!

We may be miles away from each other
and not live as close as we used to, but
our friendship has a deep meaning to
me and always will!
I know we can’t always be together, but your birthday is one day in particular that I wish we could be!

At least there’s no distance that can take away all of the incredible moments we’ve shared and the everlasting memories we’ve made! Happy birthday, bestie!
Happy birthday, girl!

Know how very close to my heart you are, even if you are celebrating far away today!
If we weren’t apart and so far away from
each other today, I would be telling you
how beautiful you look on your special day
and that you don’t look another year older!

I’m sure you still look as glamorous as ever,
and I’m hoping that your birthday this year
is as spectacular as can be, my dear!

Happy birthday to you!